Collaborating with you to achieve economic resilience

The Nakusp and Area Development Board (NADB) is a non-profit society focused on community-led economic resiliency in the Nakusp and Arrow Lakes region. 

Our mission is to enrich the lives of residents in our region by actively promoting, pursuing and supporting economic resiliency initiatives. We are an inclusive and progressive community collaborator. 

We commit to engaging with:

  • Local residents
  • Local businesses
  • Local government 
  • Community organizations 

Along with our partners, we aim to cultivate an environment where economic prosperity and community well-being thrive.

Our community led priorities for 2023/24

Economic Diversification/Workforce Housing

Signage and Wayfinding

Local Agriculture

Business Advisory

Meet Aidan

Your community liaison and ambassador

Aidan McLaren-Caux is our Economic Development Coordinator. He can provide you with business and organization advisory services. As our community liaison, he conducts strategic planning services, pursues funding and manages projects. 

Aidan is passionate, highly-skilled and committed to building strong relationships with you; our community. He focuses on building economic resiliency with integrity and can help you achieve tangible results.

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Meet Dawn

Your local business advisor

Dawn Driscoll is our business advisor, funded through the Forest Impact Recovery (FIR) program through the Economic Trust of the Southern Interior (ETSI-BC).  She can provide you with valuable business and organization advisory services.

Dawn brings an extensive background, ranging from project management in the steel manufacturing industry to experience in non-profit consultancy, specializing in board governance and strategic planning. Additionally, she is also a small business owner, operating Arrow Lakes Ready Mix alongside her husband.

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"The FIR Business Advisor is an excellent service for the community!  I met with Dawn and presented her with a unique situation regarding the logistics of establishing an international charitable organization. This was new territory for both of us, so Dawn threw herself into the research and came up with suggestions and ideas I had not considered.  Thank you for helping me figure out how to get there from here."

Karen McMillan, Omughisa Rwenzori Community Development Society

Our Members

Our membership includes representation from the Nakusp Village Council, various community organizations and sectors, and individual business owners and community members.

(President) Corinne Tessier – Affirming Workplace Solutions Inc

(Vice President) Mickey Wojnarowski – Homegrown Market

(Treasurer) Adam Balls – Nakusp and Area Bike Society

Margaret Driscoll – Arrow & Slocan Lake Community Services

Michael Riediger – Kootenay Adaptive Sports Society, Tourism

Anne Beliveau – Studio Connexion Arts Gallery

Brenda Scott – Valley of the Springs Winery

Tina Knooihuizen – Village of Nakusp Councillor & Chamber of Commerce

Interested in becoming a member? Please fill our our membership form or send us an email (opens up email to:

We are grateful to our partners and funders for their generous support

Meet Our Partners

Our Guiding Principles

We incorporate environmentally-sound and universally-accessible infrastructure into our project designs

We educate residents and visitors through our communication and marketing efforts

We provide incremental support for initiatives that enhance our local economic potential

“NADB is a valuable community partner which brought a much needed Level 2 charging station into our community to increase traffic from EV drivers that might otherwise by-pass our community. Without their leadership on this initiative, it is unlikely this project would have made it from concept to reality.” 

– Wayne Robinson, Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Nakusp

Our Story

Nakusp Downtown

Nestled in the rugged and remote landscape of southern interior British Columbia, the Nakusp and Arrow Lakes region is truly unique. With inland ferries to the west and the north, and a long winding road leading down a mountainous valley to the south, the communities in this region understand the importance of economic resiliency. For small rural communities like ours, self-reliance is paramount, fueling a pursuit of self-sufficiency, collaboration, sustainability and prosperity.

Since its inception, the Nakusp and Area Development Board (NADB) has served as a beacon of progress in achieving these goals. Created in 1989 by Mayor Rosemary Johnson and her council, the NADB began as a small nonprofit society with the goal of representing a cross-section of the communities in the Nakusp and Arrow Lakes region and supporting the economic wellbeing of these communities.

In its early days, the NADB quickly went to work and got involved with issues such as timber licensing, transportation, tourism, the Nakusp Hot Springs development, forestry, research and data collection, trail building and more.

Expanding our vision and reach

In 2001, the board broadened its vision and evolved into a holistic organization that united the community’s diverse sectors such as heritage, arts and culture, education, health and wellness, forestry, tourism and youth. The board also engaged with representatives from the Regional District of Central Kootenay and the Village of Nakusp. It made sense for local organizations to collaborate and support one another with the common goal of recognizing and responding to the needs of the community. 

By fostering a sense of collaboration and inclusivity, the NADB has achieved significant milestones in community and economic resilience. From contributing to the creation of the Nakusp & Area Community Foundation and the Nakusp and Area Community Forest, to supporting the Terra Ponderra mental health facility and trail building projects for youth employment, the board has been instrumental in supporting the region’s growth and development.

Nakusp chocolate companyYour success is our success

Our extensive list of accomplishments include supporting the agriculture, forestry and manufacturing sectors, branding for the Village of Nakusp, numerous Buy Local campaigns and creating strategic plans focused on community, tourism and business development. Our community-wide ‘common agenda’ process with the Columbia Basin Trust has also led to numerous projects, including the downtown revitalization project. The NADB’s efforts have also led to the establishment of many partnerships, studies, and programs aimed at further enhancing the region’s economy and livability.

Connecting with communities with boots on the ground

Aidan McLaren-Caux is the NADB’s Economic Development Coordinator, who acts to further strengthen the board’s professional capacity and commitment to addressing the community’s needs. He provides business and organization advisory services, strategic planning services, acts as a community liaison, pursues funding and manages projects. He focuses on building economic resiliency with integrity and helps businesses achieve tangible results. He is passionate, highly-skilled and is driven to respond to the needs of the community.

This drive is echoed by our volunteers as well. We would not be as successful as we are without our many members who devote their time to specific issues and project committees.

Adapting to the needs of our communities in real time

The NADB is like mycelium in the biosphere of rural community building and economic growth. By embracing the ever-changing needs of the community in real time and working tirelessly to create a brighter economic future in collaboration with local businesses and organizations, the Nakusp and Area Development Board continues to write its story of resilience and progress.

Check Out Our Timeline And Successes

“The NADB provides a valuable service for any person investigating business opportunities in our area. The timely support of their local coordinator, Aidan McLaren-Caux, saved our project significant time and funds.”

Pat Judd, Nakusp and Area Community Forest, Nakusp, BC