As part of the process of an ongoing a workforce housing initiative Nakusp and Area Development Board (NADB) distributed a Workforce Housing Survey to gather quantitative data to support the anecdotal information they had received from upper Arrow Lakes residents regarding needs for housing. Through the survey it was NADB’s goal to collect background information about workforce housing needs, gauge interested in defined opportunities and to better inform NADB on how to move forward with comprehensive workforce housing solutions that align with the regions needs. The survey was developed utilizing methods being used successfully in other communities exploring workforce housing strategies.

Method for Communication and Promotion

This survey was distributed starting January 10, 2024 and the opportunity to reply closed January 31, 2024. Two versions of the survey were distributed, one for employees in the area, and one specific to employers. The Workforce Housing Survey was promoted via the NADB mailing list to 139 emails, via Facebook and Instagram and printed copies of both employee and employer versions were distributed to 978 PO boxes through Canada Post in Nakusp.


The Workforce Housing Survey saw the following responses: A total of 38 employers and 107 employees (including former employees and potential employees) submitted responses. The surveys were created in a way that did not require respondents to reply to every question. It is for this reason that respondent rates do not always equal the total number of respondents.

Please check out the detailed responses at this link: Workforce Housing Survey Results